Hi Kelly! This is so exciting, and I'm really glad i09 ran this interview - I had not heard of this project, but will definitely be purchasing the The Girl Who Would Be King on Amazon! I do have a question...you said that, compared to 2008ish, that "the time was right for lady superheroes" in 2012. I'm wondering what… » 7/18/14 8:34am 7/18/14 8:34am

Oh, fun pseudo-science by the incredibly biased! I especially loved when this book took that "information" and added a few lines in like "Many Homosexuals end up wearing dippers just like babies". It's just way more accessible info here, you all. Dude has an entire chapter entitled "Homosexuality is a Predictable… » 7/12/14 8:28am 7/12/14 8:28am

So. True. And then, when you suddenly realize they are pulling away, leaving you behind as they pursue their own route, and you begin to chase after them....only to be thwarted by the swift, unemotional speed of their exit. » 6/28/14 4:50pm 6/28/14 4:50pm

Erin, our underwear ideologies are matching up perfectly here. I always, always have to be wearing underwear. Is there a shower-appropriate underwear, for moments of not-vaginal-washing? Because I would wear those as well. » 6/16/14 7:53pm 6/16/14 7:53pm

My oh my, fuck that dude. Even the organizers of the party had a better response - although I don't totally agree with their points, especially their decision to keep the theme, at least they seemed to take some time to CONSIDER this extremely valid complaint. Jeez.. » 6/14/14 5:12pm 6/14/14 5:12pm