MENU: Some of the dishes your class will prepare are Wonder Toast with Butter, Extra-Dark Orowheat Toast with Extra Butter, Extra-Extra-Dark Boudin Toast, served dry, and the Milquetoast as demonstrated by the Hollywood executives who chose to re-boot Spiderman again instead of telling an original story.

» 4/01/14 9:03pm 4/01/14 9:03pm

This, this, a thousand times this....even in counseling, the narcissists often rise to the top due to a single-minded focus on money-making, self-promotion, and disregard for the base-theories that they scrambled together to make their Mental Panacea™. » 3/31/14 3:04pm 3/31/14 3:04pm

It's going CRAZYYYYYY, we have a final report due for a grant-funded study on Sunday, and if we don't deliver the report we get NO funds, which would be a nightmare horror type situation. We also that same study's manuscript due on...Sunday, same day, because I assume they hate us. » 3/24/14 12:39pm 3/24/14 12:39pm

Michigan lawmakers passed a controversial measure on Wednesday that will ban all insurance plans in the state from covering abortion unless the woman's life is in danger. The law, which takes effect in March, will force women and employers to purchase a separate abortion rider if they would like the procedure…

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As a TA for a WGS/Psychology class right now, I'm wondering what exercises you use to get a....feminist/cultural temperature for the room, so to speak. We have the students do journals, but there is something so isolated and individual about that - okay, now I KNOW your experience and perspective better, but no one… » 3/13/14 12:04pm 3/13/14 12:04pm

First of all, that sucks and why....why are people so gleefully throwing themselves onto a pyre of stupidity, rather than thinking for a moment, reading others comments, looking at your comment history, etc. My goodness, it annoys me to NO END (especially when people spread false RAGGEEEEE on facebook without realizing … » 3/12/14 1:18pm 3/12/14 1:18pm

Thank you for sharing this - as a counselor, I have actually heard versions of your experience again and again, and it makes me seethe to hear that these therapists, who should have empathy, compassion, and a healthy doss of not-being-a-total-fuckwit, are out there perpetuating silence and suffering. Fuck that noise. » 3/11/14 3:43pm 3/11/14 3:43pm